Sunday, January 15, 2012

Photo Test

Truth be told, I'm really new at this blogging stuff and trying to figure it all out.  What better way than to do actual posting and see what comes of it - All about my wabisabiness, right?  I eventually will get around to telling you a little about myself, but right now, just know that I live in SW Michigan.  People who sadly don't know any better have been complaining we have no snow so we got dumped on the last few days but I have to admit it is pretty to look at, especially if you don't have to go anywhere.  

Something else you should probably know about me - I tend to ramble.  I can't say it is because I like to hear myself talk because I am  not talking (except inside my head) but typing.  I do kind of like the sound of keyboard clicking so perhaps that is the reason.  Anyway, this post is all about seeing what it looks like when I take a photo with my tab and send it to myself email then save and try to post.  What do you think?

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