Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ok, I changed my mind.

Wabi Sabi - After all, I am a woman. I am in my Wise Woman stage (although some days I think maybe it is Crone stage and I'm sure my son would agree). I tend toward the hormonal.  Therefore, I can have days of ups and downs, hating something one day and loving it the next.  I was maybe a little touchy about hating computers and blogging.  Today, it is easier.  I was able to figure out some software issues.  Thank you, Amazon (and my wonderful web wizard, Jon) for helping things to be a little easier today.  I do hope to begin sharing creative things soon.  I don't know how all you blessed blogging beauties do it so often with adding photos and instructions and sharing your creativity and making things wonderfully entertaining but I am hoping to join your ranks soon.  I have found the Wabi Sabi in blogging - It is fun when it isn't frustrating! Speaking of Wabi Sabi and Amazon - look at this cute little book:
You can find this cute little book at - just click on my link at left.

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