Friday, January 13, 2012

My Word - Wabi Sabi

For those of you who were on pins and needles about what word I would choose, my word is chosen - I think:}     WABI SABI

>Wabi Sabi is an ancient Japanese art form that honors all things old, worn, and weathered. It seeks to find “beauty and perfection in the imperfections.”
>Tranquil simplicity, rustic elegance, imperfect beauty...these are qualities that wabi sabi embraces. 
>Wabi Sabi is a Japanese expression meaning "wisdom in natural simplicity." Wabi Sabi helps us to see the beauty in imperfection, to discover that our unique flaws also can lead us to our greatest strengths and treasures.
>wabi, which translates to less is more, and sabi, which means attentive melancholy, wabi sabi refers to an awareness of the transient nature of earthly things and a corresponding pleasure in the things that bear the mark of this impermanence.

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