Friday, January 13, 2012

My First Post - Happy New Year!

So many blogs I have read to begin the year have asked or suggested one pick a word for the year and basically center everything around that word.  My problem is I have too many words to choose from.  My word for 2011 was disappointment.  I wouldn't have picked that at the beginning of the year, but by Dec. 31, after contemplating my life and memories for the past year, that is the word that stood out.  Now I want to pick a good word, something uplifting and fun.  So far, I have these - Hope, forgiveness, forgetting, remembering, lost & found, cleanse, contentment, joyful, freedom, wild abandon, empowered, stimulate, liberty and transformation.  Uplifting would be good too.  Then I thought I would rather have something totally off the wall - like mittelschmerz or onomatopoiea.  So, what do you think?  It is a leap year and several people have chosen leap.  I wonder if there is a word for laughing yourself to death.  Perhaps my word should be juice or juicy since I am so into making juice with my Ninja.  That word is used a lot in the creative world though.  Too many people use that word too much.  For some reason it always makes me think of KY jelly and vaginal dryness.  Then, maybe I should pick a word from body parts like uvula.  People might be offended if you told them your word for the year is vagina or clitoris, huh?  I do like "hands" though - maybe I can find some medical word for hand or a foreign word meaning creative hand or hand to mouth.

Oh well, thus goes my randomness of thought.  Hey, there are two good words - randomness and thought.  What about Deep Thought (all-knowing computer from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy).  I will cease and desist now.  Wait a minute - desist could be good...nah sounds too pimply.  I will leave you with this - FYI I could not find a googled word for laugh to death although the Greeks apparently did it quite regularly, and there was an uncle in Mary Poppins that died from laughter.

Have a great rest of the first month of the year!!

Love & Laughter (although this spot will soon be taken up with a better word).  I do like Namaste.

Let's try this....

Onomatopoiea (think - On a mat peeing, ah) - which leads to another body part - bladder - which also leads to humor and laughter because it is inevitable at my age that I will do the little spritzing when I laugh, heh.  (Have you seen the commercial with Whoopi Goldberg about that?)

Okay, definitely going now.
___________________ (Fill in word for the year) ((which should perhaps be choice or just pick something dammit!)

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